Sunday, November 21, 2010


Some of the few readers of this most insightful blog---in my ever not very humble opinion---may recall how impressed I was with the bio of David Susskind.  Another impressive person is Harry S Truman who you can see on in an interview with Susskind.  Truly impressive and think about this---do you think that there is a talk show host today capable of such and interview and that any recent ex Pres.  would sit for something like this?   A true treat of what things were like.   True---times have changed and the Pres. has to be in an auto that is labeled THE BEAST---and given the tragic events of 1963 rightfully so.   Time have changed but the openness and the honesty of someone like HST still has to be surpassed.  Ex Presidents today make fortunes from speeches and memoirs---and who knows what else.  HST famous comment after his presidency---" is not for sale" and he never did make a nickel off his tenure.

Sure---I said random thoughts---here are some really random ones we can fill in at a later date if anyone likes:

1)  Facebook.   Why do people feel they have to post their most personal thoughts there?   Sadly, some of them truly have not other life and for that reason it does serve a purpose.  I only hope that those posting people do not believe these are "friends".  Friendship implies more than some electronic companion to fulfill your emptiness.
2)Thanksgiving.  The holiday is almost upon us and it is the one and only holiday that can be celebrated by all religious sects, ethnicities, and Americans who enjoy it for its familial camaradarie.   Though, admittedly, Louden Wainwright III has a different take on that..   It does lead to the problem of a festive occasion and has to allow for the foibles of some attendees which can lead to tension provoking problems.  As a child it seems or seemed as a more festive occasion as most holidays did.  When you mature and age you do find the problematical things in these "festive" occasions---and, yet, the preparers of the festivities are to be applauded for their wonderful completetion or the occasion.
3) Chirstmas/Channukah.:  Almost upon us and seem to start earlier each year---as a child it was a magical time.  In aging and maturity, given our new methods of communication see the above comments---basically the same story.  

I do believe that all of you folks that fit into our small phone booth deserve a symbolic picture:


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