Thursday, October 7, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition Of.......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)      Liberal and Right Wing zealots’ spokespeople are all so very firm in their views and yet none of them ever espouse them without getting a high fee.   Seems like they  are in agreement in that one thing and you have to wonder how serious they are about what they, allegedly, espouse.

2)      We are so much more attuned---perhaps too much---to children’s supposed psychological needs that, sometimes, just some ordinary development might be all that is needed.  Best not to overdiagnose but be observant.

3)      The new book about George Washington certainly makes one realize that people and issues are not that much different these days.  The only think one has to wonder about is how, with all the dissension, we got to the powerful position we are in.

4)      But now I wonder why I believed “TRUE” comics in the WW2 years---people eating bananas to bulk up to get into the Service and other patriotic legends that never mentioned---as through history---those who avoided and profited.  Best to see All My Sons—Arthur Miller got it right.

5)      Why are many Psychologists and Social Workers so opinionated when one would think they would be listening and suggesting?

6)      Carl Paladino brings new meaning to the word diplomat.  I believe it is “heavy handed gutter rat”. Hey, whatever one needs to survive Buffalo winters.

7)      I am still amazed how many people do not know of Gertrude Berg---even the Biography channel has an upcoming program on the start of Sit-Coms---I Love Lucy---guess what preceded her and was the start---yep---you got it if you listened to Sunday Simcha a while back and checked this blog.

8)      Our next meeting will be in larger quarters since that phone booth is getting crowded now with the newer viewers. Do you think Zuckerberg had these problems?   Perhaps the local bus stop.

9)      Roy Zimmerman , satirist, performer, and founder of The Foremen has a wonderful new piece that comments on today’s great and burning issue---

    10)  Everything goes full circle.  In the early days of radio people wanted to know how far the signal reached and now in the days of the world wide web (www. Whatever you like) on interactive sites you, many times, ask the other person where they are located.   Smoke signals of an earlier day  were easier to ascertain---you could not see further than the horizon and a lot depended on the wind.


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Anonymous said...

You've become a rather pithy satarist. Enjoyed your comments.