Thursday, September 30, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)         Since Israel voluntarily pulled out of Gaza some time back and Egypt , at that time, sealed its borders with Gaza and then rockets from there rained down on Israel I have to wonder how Israel became “the heavy” in this situation.

2)         Netanyahu should take a page out of Nixon’s book.  A “hard liner” can make the compromising and needed agreements just as Nixon was able to recognize China.

3)         How do you “recognize” a nation?  Probably some telltale markings such as birthmarks or scars.  Pete Seeger has it right---English is a crazy language.

4)         I am looking forward to October 16 and seeing (and MCing) Buskin and Batteau at the Acoustic Cafe in Park Ridge, NJ

5)         Fyvush Finkel is appearing in NYC at the Baruch PAC from October 17-Mid November and will be my guest on SUNDAY SIMCHA October 10th.

6)         I am glad to see that the creator of “Homicide—Life On The Street” (among other things) got a MacArthur award----reinforces how I felt about that program.

7)         If the world is really shrinking due to all the new technologies such as Facebook, Air travel, instant communication and such---will it finally shrink and totally disappear?

8)         How is it that some artists always recall where they got their first exposure and others just comment on the places that are more influential but neglected them until they had a following from the aforementioned?  
            ( Adding a personal note---Mary Gauthier is now a “star” and is on a major tour with Nanci Griffith and still mentions her exposure on WFDU and on TRADITIONS with me in 1999.  Kate Campbell, Pat Wictor, Buskin & Batteau among others also come to mind.   You have to appreciate that kindness and loyalty).

9)         The NERFA get together will soon be upon us in November and I have to honestly say that I will miss seeing old friends and acquaintances there but I no longer attend for myriad reasons---some personal and some financial (honest note here).  I do believe the personal does outweigh the financial---unfortunately.  I wish all (well, most of you—save 2) a wonderful event and am glad I will be seeing and hearing you all at various times.

10)   Sadly we lost many great talents at a young age---Kate Wolf, Phil Ochs, Steve Goodman, and ever so many more come to mind.  If you ever want an hour dedicated to them on TRADITIONS just let me know---not morbid fascination just a thought to memorialize great talent that could have given us so much more---and you may also make your requests for other artists---say, Fred Neil, and others.


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