Thursday, May 27, 2010


The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)      Some performers can go on forever and some just don’t know how to leave gracefully with all fond memories of them intact.

2)      If people open their minds for entertainment not in the large venues they will have just as good (of better) of a time than in the large expensive venues.  Opening of minds can mean closing your wallet for overpriced tickets.

3)      Richard Clarke’s new book shows us the danger and the promise of the possibility of “Cyber War”---no bombs needed.  The world has become a video/game console and we are the players.

4)      I don’t know what guns, bullets, ships, and planes cost but it has to be more than “1”s and”0”s.

5)      It seems that NYC bus drivers are friendly and courteous and NYC Subway booth attendants are surly and clueless to the system. Could be the lack of daylight.  OK—there are a few exceptions in both categories.  Very few.

6)      Pensions are an important thing and people have worked many years for them but some police (NYC and Suburbs) have really gamed the system and we are all paying for it.  Overtime in the last year or so as a basis for some to get even more than their salaries---in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Their services are a necessity but the taxpayer generosity is not.

7)      One has to wonder why investors (landlords) buy rent controlled or rent stabilized apartments in NYC knowing full well that they cannot get the market rate---without a fight (and usually an ugly one).  The note just handed to me gave the answer---“greed” and “lack of honor”.

8)      It’s said that “...they don’t build them like they used to..”  but it seems that cars last a lot longer but you don’t really drive them anymore---the computer does.  And the computer sometimes tells on you at inspection time and also when it forgets to slow you down no matter what you do.

9)      I never watched “Lost”. “24”, but did watch “Law & Order” (which I will not miss---since it will always be there in re-runs) but of all those programs the only series that ever held an interest to me (and is in re-runs on Centric) was “Homicide—Life on The Streets”   Non-formulaic (as Law & Order is ), with a great cast, and created by the wonderful Baltimore aficionado, Barry Levinson.

10)                    Are “friends” on Facebook not really “acquaintances”---if that ? 
     11)    When Si Kahn joins me this Sunday on TRADITIONS I guarantee meaningful music and memorable moments.


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