Saturday, May 29, 2010


A brief prelude to our TRADITIONS program for May 30 to let you know that here we will commemorate Memorial Day as, one hopes, it should be commemorated. Song and Story and not bargain sales and other such moments of total missing of points.

As you know Si Kahn will be joining us for a period that will prove to be memorable in commemorating the day and also so shall the music for most of the program. I do promise we will end with a family reunion and barbecue---that is what our heroes fought for---though, one has to admit it has been a long time since we defended anything---that's for a later commentary.

Now let me give away the ending of the program right here---we will forego the theme and just play TAPS---but here is the entire history from this brilliant fellow and is also the person who performs it for us in the most moving way----

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Anonymous said...

You gave us a fitting program for Memorial Day. I like that you had forgone the "Traditional" ending for Taps. Most Appropiate. Your selections were sensitive and appropiate. Si Kahn was brilliant. His consern for his fellow man was inspireing and poignant and brought me to tears. Thank you for the so many highlights, too much to mention in this brief bolg. Great show.