Thursday, February 25, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1) Everything is subjective and that includes trials by a jury.

2) Now that the MTA is eliminating even more subway (read—change booth) attendants does anyone recall the days of a human presence and, sadly, vandalism and arson to them? Would not better security be the answer and keep that human presence for the perception of safety by the public?

3) Why do “nothing” jobs like Toll Takers and such enjoy the pensions that “hard workers” in minimum wage positions (read Fast Food) do not?

4) Honestly, isn’t it amazing that the internet has speech that was limited only to publications prior to its advent? Frankly---don’t believe everything there---the internet--- unless you truly like business dealings from Nigeria. If so---I have a bridge that is for sale.

5) I remember when a “drone” was a boring speaker and not an automated fighter plane.

6) A “Family Guy” update from last Thurs. note is needed---“Family Guy” always pushes the envelope but really outdid themselves with the Down Syndrome episode---and once again proved satire works and brings the self serving nuts out of the woodwork only to find themselves on the wrong side---after the producers brought out their surprise “star” in the NY Times.

7) One has to wonder how many children grow up wanting to be “Curling” champions---awfully hard on the aerobic system to be a real winner. And dangerous with all the speed involved.

8) My thanks, once again to all the artists and labels who so generously sent over CDs to support our fundraising efforts on TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA on WFDU---and also to the listeners for renewing membership in our radio family.

9) What did people do all day before cell phones? They may well have talked to themselves and now it only looks like they are talking to themselves.

10) My Toyota is just so old and tired with over 125,000 miles it just really cannot accelerate as rapidly as its younger siblings. Age has its virtues.

11) Perhaps too much technology just creates more and different problems.

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