Thursday, February 18, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1) You know when Cabin Fever has struck when you finish 2 books in one week.

2) What a delight to read a memoir that makes you feel you are on life’s journey as a companion of the writer---Christine Lavin’s new book (out in June) let’s you do just that----“Cold Pizza For Breakfast---A Mem—Wha?”

3) Sometimes less is more---in the earlier days of TV you had huge audiences on 3 networks (plus PBS/NET) for programs of significance like Omnibus---now myriad channels and where are the programs of the depth of that one---or the audience?

4) Since my Tux doesn’t fit anymore I will have to be not so well dressed at the Oscar Ceremonies---I hope my TV set won’t object-- but since I cannot take more than about 10 minutes of it anyway it should not matter.

5) If I Were a Carpenter was OK as a song but if I take it literally I would be a disaster---not a good builder or good saviour.

6) I tried to fall asleep last night by counting sheep and my herd was about 5 short so I was up all night wondering what happened to them.

7) When I looked out of the window and saw the snow falling I wondered why I could not get paid big bucks to stand in the street in front of an equally unhappy cameraperson to say “...The Snow Is Falling”. I said it in a warm room for no money and no audience that appreciates a person standing in the snow to tell them what they could see out a window if they took their eyes of the boob tube.

8) If TV is called a “boob tube” does that mean it only presents porno?

9) I have to wonder why “Game Change” is so high on the best seller list after reading a portion. If the imprint were from National Enquirer it would not have done as well but could well have been one of their presentations.

10) High School and College reunions are usually disappointing and really just about score keeping if one even remembers the people attending.

11) Would it not be nice, though, if you found your first love again and she found you and it worked out after 50 years or so of bliss for you both with others who have died---or divorced?

12) The previous comment was my attempt at a joyous note.

13) I adore the Family Guy TV program but do have to admit the “Down Syndrome” episode was over the top when it comes to bad taste. It stretches the envelope and ribs many a group but there are some limits----that was one. I bet Brian would have known better---being the brightest in the cartoon family.

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