Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Nobody Asked Me But:

1)Hannukah (spell it any way you prefer) is upon us and the reality is that it is a minor holiday made major to compete and add to the commercialism of the “holiday season”---aka Christmas. Kwanzaa has joined the crowd.

2) I, for one, am hoping the miracle of the oil works for me the next time I fill my gas tank and it lasts for 8 WEEKS

3) Avoiding some new Tiger Woods jokes is a priority---I have added too many to Facebook already---some my own and fairly double entendre. He won't get or need a Viagra endorsement

4) Many times Off and Off Off Broadway is better than Broadway and the same can be said of local venues that feature some great talent.

5) Last weekend with Buskin & Batteau, Kelly McKenzie, and Gathering Time (at 2 different venues) was truly more than one can get for the price of a seat at a “major” concert. I bet you could even win a backstage pass on Traditions.

6) Here is a great career move---picking up discarded tickets at the bankrupt OTB sites and winning mucho dinero as Jesus Leonardo has done to support his family. Who said you need degrees to succeed? A good back and a good eye seem to work for the Saviour’s namesake.

7) Wonderful piece on NPR about a child’s reaction to his peers comments because his parents are 2 moms. Hopefully the incoming governor in NJ heard it---I doubt he even gives a damn since sensitivity is not his strong suite. So it seems.

8) I have always wondered how this nation came to be so rich and powerful given the divisions in governmental debates today and have to surmise that the same occurred during the founding years. States v Federalism.

9) Do you remember when flying was an adventure and fun? When Pan American was the flag carrier airline and an exhilarating experience to fly on---locally or internationally---it was always exotic. Right after great train travel and before airlines became cattle cars of the skies?

10) I am going to miss Monk and certainly not appreciate the newest Sherlock Holmes flick. You know, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Jeremy Brett was, to me, the best Holmes and respected his Dr. Watson. Well done and done over and over again on WLIW---thankfully

11) If you like old classic TV programs one of the quality ones was Homicide---Life On The Streets---beats the later models by a mile or two. I found it on BET---and finally realized why it was there. Great program with great actors in wonderful character studies---but why do they bleep out words that were not bleeped on terrestrial TV and are not offensive? Family Guy does worse---love that show as well.

12) Why do reporters have to stand in front of a building or in a rainstorm to tell us what happened in the building or that it is raining when the news reader can do that at his pretentious desk in his pretentious voice?

13) I have to wonder if Thomas Jefferson would have thought that “democracy” and “populism” were over the top with the internet and so much misleading content taken for fact.

Most blogs do not have the double-checking that goes into print reporting----The Star and its kin excluded from that bit of praise. Unless you believe that Oprah is dying, that Jesus came back and left again, and that poor alien baby which finally got adopted. If so then I have a bridge that I was commissioned to sell to a prospective buyer---care to make an offer.

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