Monday, November 16, 2009

Views and Reviews

Let's start with some brief announcements:

A little early for the seasonal songs of social insignificance---yet there are some that do hit a curmudgeon's heart. A bit early in the season but this is from a brilliant satirical group and the Little Drummer Boy will never be the same---nor will his "fahrcackede drum".

The Capitol Steps ---and their Alpha Female will be my guest on Sunday Simcha on Nov, 22 and again on Nov. 29 on Traditions (sharing the afternoon with Buskin and Batteau of musical and comedic fame).

The Capitol Steps will be appearing in Morristown, NJ at the Mayo Ctr. on 12/6--no time to hold the mayo that night and Buskin and Batteau will be at the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club (Fairlawn, NJ) on December 5.

For a wonderful FREE concert let me urge you to call The Orangeburg Library to reserve you seat for Gathering Time on December 6 at 2 PM---seating is limited. The number is 845 359-2244.

As to the link to this piece from the Capitol Steps. A satirical Holiday piece was requested last Sunday and this was what I had from an advance copy of Barackin Around The Christmas Tree---topical and witty as always. Check it out---you deserve a laugh.

You can also check this site for more notes about some new recordings and items of interest---sort of like the FBI's "people of interest" but I never book anyone and most of those people want to be booked---well, for a paying gig.

I had wanted to put something up on the side bar from Buskin and Batteau but Googleness has prevented that for a time---you did not want to see some inane videos of people proud of their rather cute and inane toddlers. So here is a bit of the Brilliant Duo---just like Batman & Robin---well, one is Robin:

Now a few reviews---very briefly since life is short and one has to spread unwanted opinions in so many areas.

Seriously now. There are some CDs (recordings, if you will---pieces of art and creation, if you will) that I really want to submit to you for your enjoyment and appreciation of the creativity of pieces that should be in your collection---if you have such a thing. If not--well, just enjoy them on the air--well, the air which I send forth on alternate weeks-these will be brief and concise commentaries on a few new CDs and are only my opinion which, hopefully, you feel has some worth:

LIVE IN "65 ---The wonderful re-creation or presenting of a concert that Pete Seeger did in 1965. Whoever said you cannot go home again is wrong in the aural sense. What a delight to live, once again, a live concert with the "master" or audience involvement and a virtusoso on the instruments he plays. Those instrumetns inlude his voice and his persona.

UNTOLD -- This is a brilliant new 2 CD Set from John McCutcheon which I featured on the 11/15 presentation of TRADITIONS. While I the time was not available to play the stories from the WORD portion of the set we were able to play from the SONG section. Both of these CDs are ones you will not want to stop listening to. Dangling participle aside I have to add the WORD portion will have you mesmerized in his great story telling abilities and talent. My favorite--and they are all good--Robbery.

WE CAME TO SING -- I cannot say enough about this CD. What can you say when your favorite anthem writer, her talented companion, and one of your idolized artists get together and perform on a stage and a CD comes from that. I speak, of Emma's Revolution (Pat Humphries/Sandy O) and Holly Near. Topical, Traditional, and just great musical sounds are the thing that I would say is the reasoning behind having this CD---also, the meaningful material that will reinforce your beliefs if that is what they are and if not might make you think about them.

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