Thursday, November 19, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

And the weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) I am still amazed how Theodore Bikel does it---85 years and moving, memorizing, and writing like a 25 year old.

2) NYC parking rules are truly convoluted. Not safe parking unless you have a Thesaurus in hand.

3) Did Sen. Schumer ever pass a microphone or camera he did not love and can you recall a day or an issue on which you have not seen or heard him?

4) My heartfelt thanks for all the submissions of music and ideas for Sunday Simcha.

5) A grand opening night for Sholom Aleichem---Laughter Through Tears with some great talents in attendance---Fyvush Finkel, Sheldon Harnick, Alan Alda, Buck Henry, and many more—to view a really grand performance and then an ample festive table in the lobby. It sure was not “chopped liver”---which, sadly, was not served.

6) I still cannot find out how the strange scoring system in tennis came about.

7) Just when you think some artists have created their best work they top it with something else---find out more when we do our year-end review of meaningful moments in recordings this year on Traditions.

8) Just when you think there is nothing but trash (a mild word) on TV you find some channel (by accident) that has some classic programs you wonder why they are not still in production. Homicide—Life on The Streets is one I just found and feel that I can see some quality programming again---albeit old.

9) If every year the President symbolically pardons one Turkey why kill all those others. What did they do to you?

10) Thanksgiving is the one holiday everyone can celebrate without any religious or ethnic overtones and just have your fears of sitting with some family members you cannot abide confirmed.

11) I will never forget the Thanksgiving scene in the film Avalon. Lou Jacobi---the late Lou Jacobi stole that scene. He was sentenced to life with humor.

12) It is said that you can not re-live the past---or go home again. So why is all I hear in Shoprite are the same 1950s songs over and over and over and---------

13) Some things that I have to be thankful for this year in no particular order:
One year anniversary since surgery with no bad effects:

A wonderful and supportive family
A radio station that allows free-wheeling programs and programming. There is a difference
The comments and views of so many listeners to both programs
The wonderful guests who have honored me with their presence----too many to name.
The good health and on going “good” life of those I know, those I care about, and those I don’t know personally but are what are termed “mensch”.
For my Tennis compatriots who play across all age brackets and amaze me each time.

14) Why is it that every year we give thanks around Thanksgiving time for things we usually take for granted the rest of the year?

15) Why are people nostalgic for the old “Underwoods” when typing on a keyboard into a computer is simpler, easier, and erasable electronically? That is my final thanks, I suppose, Keyboards and Computers replacing typewriters---and I still cannot understand how they work. As a teacher once told me---“...not your concern. You don’t look under a hood to figure out how the brake on the car works---you just use it. Use this”.
Words to live by. Bill Gates did not and look at him now---he looked under the hood.

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