Thursday, November 5, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

And the weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) One has to wonder why people run for public office and yet people try to avoid Jury Duty.

2) There was a time when you had a problem with a company you contacted them but now Google just tells you to contact their forums to communicate with other people with problems. Gives new meaning to “blind leading blind”.

3) If the nation has grown to where it is with unity and team spirit it is strange how segmented it has become on issues like Medical Insurance and abortion that could, possibly, tear it asunder and that would certainly delight certain groups.

4) Henry Ford, not a nice guy, started the first auto manufacturing company and it is still there while the others have come and gone and---golly, after the stockholders got screwed (GM)—come again. Almost a sexual experience.

5) Al Gore is doing nothing different than Bill Clinton. Speeches make money and so do good ideas ala Al Gore. Chris Smither was right---Harry Truman where are you now (when we need you again)? We do have the budget bargain blowhard---GWB giving bargain basement lectures on “motivation”.

6) Mary Travis will have a tribute on Nov. 9 at Riverside Church. It’s always sad the recipient of the tribute cannot be there to participate---my daughter is right in her hopes for me---why not have a Funeral Rehearsal. Hell, they have Wedding Rehearsals.

7) I surely do hope that people recall when Jimmy Cannon was with the NY Post it was a “good” newspaper---a tabloid version of the NY Times. Now to get my caught fish ready for wrapping for shipment in the latest incarnation of Alexander Hamilton’s newspaper.

8) The series is finally over and the newest shopping mall in the Bronx—aka Yankee Stadium—is now closed for business (except for rentals) and I wonder why people root for “home” teams that are just big businesses. How about rooting for GE, Ford, Goldman Sachs---the real winners.

9) The cleverest lines on TV are delivered on shows like Family Guy and Married With Children (which lives on in re-runs) but should not be viewed by impressionable kids.

10) People enthuse after every election and the “pundits” read great meaning into it all---from all sides. Next year they do it all over, and incorrectly, again.

11) It is still the best system in the world---and we don’t have to color our fingers purple. Who thought up that nonsense?

12) Most new technologies are great improvements and then you find there are also downsides. Take Cell Phones. Perfect example.

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