Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

With the weekly tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon


1) The U S Tennis Open has been a wonder of physical abilities that seem almost impossible.

2) The price of attendance, transportation, food is something that truly makes TV viewing (with its better views) confirm the cliche---the best things in life are free. You do have to pay for the electric and the TV.

3) There was a time when a President spoke to schools it was considered an honorable and special event.

4) Did people mind when W read to the kiddies---and the Towers fell?

5) I have to wonder why people use debit cards. Credit cards let the card company carry the debt interest free for a month and the debit cards have heavy fees for overdrafts.

6) Credit Card companies are the Shylocks of the modern era and if Shakespeare were alive he would have some comment more lyrical than mine. I still do not think he was Anti-Semitic---perhaps Anti Usury ==which we have forgotten about given the Banks and the Credit Cards.

7) Texting while being alive is becoming the bane of society---driving, social occasions, whatever. Whatever happened to the current contact with whomever you are with?

8) WFDU is truly the only place on the radio dial where some creativity and reality ( forget TV) is allowed. OK the pay is not great---$0 but the commercial ones have sold their souls for who knows what. Perhaps for the honor of reading the announcements.

9) I am saddened to hear of the passing of Paul Bain. A person I considered a friend and colleague at WFDU. Would that he had not suffered for so long.

10) Amreeka sounds like a great film to see and one I shall as soon as it is in my area. A Palestinian family in America and all that cultural chasm encompasses.


Anonymous said...

I too am sad to learn through reading your blog that Paul Bain has died. Paul was genuine in his friendship and his love for country music. Many will miss him.


Anonymous said...

True---I will be making a mention of it the next time I am on and perhaps play a few things he might have appreciated.