Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Program Notes as the Title Says--And Some Other Items

On Sunday September 20 I will be presenting a few items that should be of interest to you on both programs:

TRADITIONS: For a few brief minutes I would like to commemorate and remember a member of the WFDU staff who passed away recently and who I was proud to call "friend". We will, besides some music he might have chosen, play an interview we did with Iris DeMent some years ago while sitting in a car on a very rainy day---and the punch line to that is quite interesting. I will mention it.
Our usual features can be expected with the addition of a segment to commemorate what would have been this artist's 86th birthday and how artists in other genres picked up on his songs and created a major cross over hit for him--- and his estate---and you will, surely, hear the maestro himself with a fitting ending song. No picture here---you figure who it is.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: More than La Shona Tova I cannot say. The New Years program is all fresh and new as it should be for the coming of the New Year. We shall go to the river in some traditional and nontraditional ways and also hear some classic cantorial music.

FINALLY: I had written on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER that most of the items will be posted on this site except for some items that might be more appropriate there. Along with new videos from time to time. There are a few items there now that you might find of interest and that I hope you agree with. If not please feel free to leave comments.
Should you be tennis fans or just fans of proper decorum I think you will consider this an appropriate item to discuss .

You can access The Almost Daily Rooster by clicking on the above link or one of the side of this page.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment on The Rooster but Google doesn't give the anonymous option on that page. Basically, I think you are right about the direction of tennis. Serena was illtempered and I have a separate opinion as to why, besides the fact that I think she got a bad call, it is reasonable to expect that she would know what is inexcusible behavior. No doubt she will be fined, but the records will reflect her victory in women's doubles and the facts surrounding the 09 Open will be lost over time. Piety! But we must not forget the others who showed good sportsmanship throughout their matches and graciously accepted defeat and victory.
Also, great to see Ed Merritt, a man in a class by himself. Humorist and tennis maven extraordinaire!