Thursday, August 13, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of:

And the weekly tip of the hat to Jimmy Cannon---


1) Why do people tell you to stop being defensive when that is what are and transfer it to you?

2) Is not Julie and Julia a really nice film but not a great one?

3) Does that not sound like an old Woody Allen routine about Gertrude Stein?

4) Why are people so excited about Baseball when Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, and other sports (Not U S Football—that has lots of “tush” patting) have more action?

5) Don’t you think that the Hudson River should have flight restrictions?

6) Mad Men starts again this Sunday on TV and it is a delight to welcome back an intelligent but expensive production compared to the cheap quiz and reality shows.

7) Sadly MONK is in its last season.

8) It surely is sad to have lost so many “folk” icons in such a short period of time since we thought they might go on forever.

9) Why are so many people upset because there is a proposal to improve Health Care in this nation since they really are not that well off?

10) When did movie tickets become the price of Broadway tickets and Broadway Tickets become the price of airline tickets and Airline tickets become Space Travel equivalents without any amenities.

11) It seems inane to pay big city police less than their suburban counterparts who face less risk and less work. Their pensions (the suburban ones) are also obscene.

12) I am glad that Hillary Clinton can show some emotion in a confrontation and not fall back on diplomatic clich├ęs.

13) The subway system does lose some historic significance by having letter and number lines rather than the “traditional” names of the various divisions.

14) TV has improved technically and deteriorated with regard to content.

15) When people say “...they don’t build ‘em like they used to” it usually turns out the product is better and the memory is faulty.

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