Saturday, June 27, 2009

TRADITIONS on June 28 and a few other comments

It was satisfying that so many people enjoyed my interview with Clement Talbot on June 14. He e mailed me with many thanks for it along with his worry that it might be well received but it seems that listeners contacted him and ordered some 9 or 10 of the wonderful book (that comes with CDs and DVDs) from the website .

The June 28 program will be a program of requests, themes, and a few surprise entries (musically) as well a ticket gift for you for the FALCON RIDGE FESTIVAL. I will announce that at some time during the program.

A few new and also nostalgic moments during the Dave Miller Segment (you know--thrills of the hills, tops in pops, etc;) and some really great story songs for you.

The other comments are on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER page. I wish the names were shorter but the die is cast and computer Luddites (definitions notwithstanding) find it hard to change them and cause you difficulty

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