Monday, June 29, 2009


Are you a person of taste and insight? Do you think that one of the great painters of the 20th century was Earl Scheib? Are you an afficianado of the great talents of Jerry Lewis---and not French? Well---read on because this is a show for you.

You know that for the years that I had the pleasure of hosting TABLETALK we always featured THE CAPITOL STEPS on the quarterly programs. WFDU and Susan Telser Schwartz have kindly allowed me to air their 4th of July Program at 8 PM on July 19. It will be archived for two weeks. Should you want a scoop you can listen to it right here. Trust me---clever, topical, and, as always, on point. The Capitol Steps.

If you have an Ipod player all to the good. If not I am sure you can access it via whatever player you have installed---if not---contact me and I shall guide you. You know---Blind Leading Blind. In any case this is the thing to click on and I guarantee---trust me---a brilliant and topical 29 minutes will be spent. You can also hear it live on WFDU on July 19 at 8 AM---if you feel inspired to get up that early. In any case---this is the spot to hear it

Not overly complicated complicated (password and screen name are already there) and no videos but, trust me, you will be delighted and have a heads up prior to air on WFDU on July 19.

Just think---topical material, no Michael Jackson, and the shennanigans of the famous in a comical manner---too bad nothing about good old Bernie Madoff---too early. Think about this though. He is thinking of subscribing to a Zagat Guide to prison dining---hope it helps. they do leave out the business about "better not forget your checkbook"---none reqired. You know---he may well be living better than the people he fleeced. Free food and free dining and free beds.
If you want a copy of one of their earlier CDs merely e mail me and the first 10 writers will receive one--- Make sure you put in an e mail address and a mailing address.

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