Thursday, February 12, 2009


A few ---very few--have taken advantage of the e mail option to pledge to TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA. Certainly I thank you and all those truly generous souls that I have had the pleasure of speaking with when they call for their pledges (and requests). Speaking of requests---stream of consciousness you know---I will do both Miriam Makeba and Odetta this week---bad choice of words---I will play their music as per requests. Trust me I am not a necrophiliac---which brings to mind the joke of the fellow who goes into a bar with his very---very--- young date. She is perusing a newspaper and says to him--" says here you are a pedophile". He replies "...pretty big words for a young girl like you".

Enough of the bad humor. I thank all of you who have called and all of you ---the very few of you---who have pledged to the e mail address. Leet me once again say that you can write to me with a pledge that I shall enter in the station's log of donors by sending me an e mail to or if you care to pledge to Sunday Simcha then to: .

I know many of you call because you are listening on air but I have heard from some people that listen on the Internet at --- California and Israel to be exact. SO---a few more---let me be specific--for TRADITIONS----My great thanks. For SUNDAY SIMCHA--You have performed a Mitzvah-=--Alevai.

A final thought---next week, as you see below, Mike Burstyn joins me on SUNDAY SIMCHA and Tom Paxton joins me on TRADITIONS. Think about this---if this show did not draw listeners they would not want to be here and, frankly, they would be right and the programs(s) would lose the support of the station and properly so. You would also lose the one thing that you find on non-commercial radio ===the thing you don't find on satellite or commercial radio----interesting conversation with interesting guests and a mix of music and musings from your never so humble hosts. I shall spare you pictures of those characters but some are on the Playlist page---and I and you love them all.

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