Thursday, February 19, 2009


You are all aware that I host SUNDAY SIMCHA (which airs 10-11 AM ET) as well as co-hosting TRADITIONS (which airs 3-6 PM ET).

During our fund raising time both programs suffered from the neglect of our regular features which now are back in full force----like it or not. You know---Comedy Corner (Sunday Simcha) and Story Songs and a look back at that old Dave Miller slogan for WPAT in the '50s--Thrills of The Hills, Tops in Pops and Best in The West(Traditions). Since so many of you have helped support both programs I can only say---once again--thanks for your support and you have kept something you want on the air-waves. Here now is a bit of a rare treat by two great musical stars---the late (sadly) Bruce Adler and Mike Burstyn---Mike you will recall was a guest of mine on Feb. 22 and is now appearing in LANSKY in NYC at St. Lukes Theater.

Who knows maybe this will encourage those of you who listen only to TRADITIONS to join me on SUNDAY SIMCHA as well. I was quite delighted to find a few of our pledgers to that program (Sunday Simcha) were not of the Jewish faith and crossed the proverbial cultural aisle to sample the things we offer---just as on TRADITIONS we offer secular and non-secular material in all shapes and sizes---even 1/2 sizes which I can get you wholesale.

I hope you enjoyed that and perhaps you will go to see Mike Burstyn in a non musical treat---LANSKY.

As to TRADITIONS a bit of exciting news to impart to you. David Buskin what scamp from Modern Man has now reunited with his long time compatriot Robin Batteau and so---Buskin and Batteau are back and will be my guests for some live music and banter on March 22. Do not miss this and try to not reminisce over the earlier program I hope you were tuned in for---SUNDAY SIMCHA.

I suppose a picture of David and Robin should be included----

photo by Jake Jacobson

Since the picture shattered no mirrors I am guessing it is OK to publish it here.

I have to admit that what I say at the end of the Sunday Simcha hour is truly correct---"...the eclectic weekend sound of WFDU." Look at an earlier post and you will see to what I refer---also some pix of people who's reflection does appear in a mirror---mine---only after sundown.

Finally let me just add that if you have any requests for particular pieces for either program you can comment here or e mail them (look at that screwing the PO out of 42 cents) to these addresses:



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