Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Merry Month of May Memories and Mentions

If April Showers bring the May Flowers then, I suppose, after all the inundation in April we should soon be in a wilderness. But May also brings us more.
Happy Birthday wishes ---and I am late on this--to Pete Seeger (5/3). A true icon of more than just "folk" music. His activism and creativity in involving multitudes is the most impressive thing. Music, as he has said, is the universal language but he speaks it to us to do more than show a musical skill or embellish some old "front porch" song. His constant dedication all these years to this wonderful age he has achieved is something to marvel and celebrate.

This is a picture of him in a much earlier time---around 1956. Nice artifact from--credits now--Wikipedia. Look closely at the image and look at the center of the picture. Yes---Eleanor Roosevelt. The first female (unofficial) President---in many a person's mind.
The other birthdays celebrated at this time were not as noteworthy. For one there is your less than humble author (5/2)

and an old friend and performer who you may have heard years back on WFDU--Jon Stein (5/3). Of more import is the great singer, actor, and man of so many varied talents and humanity pictured below:

Theodore Bikel (5/2) now 83 years of age. Still, happily, going strong.

We leave this area blank to admire talent of such long standing.

Moving on, let us now make mention some of the newer people that have given us some wonderful new products of their talents. We start with Work O The Weavers . Their newest CD is a delight and it was a pleasure and honor to debut it on both TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA. It covers the music that is traditional, some later Jewish melodies, and, above all, songs that hope for peace. All done in a style that would make The Weavers proud. As has been shown by the comments of Pete Seeger and Fred Hellerman. WE'RE STILL HERE is the name of this brilliant new piece that they have given us. I suppose the best thing that can be said is that while exploring new territory the tradition of The Weavers truly lives on with this amazingly talented group that emulates but does not imitate. That is a big distinction. They honor them and capture their spirit.

Another new work that should be mentioned is one that I am not ready yet to tell you of----the madcaps will be joining me soon to talk of it. Suffice it to say your sides will ache and 911 may have to be called.

On a more serious note I would recommend a few pieces of work that are truly worthwhile to add to your collection and they will be attributed to your interests in either TRADITIONS or SUNDAY SIMCHA:

George Burns I Wish I Were 18 Again (Traditions/Sunday Simcha)

Debbie Friedman One People (Sunday Simcha)

John Prine Standard Songs For Average People (Traditions)

Mike Stevens/David McLean Old Time Mojo (Traditions)

There are many more worthwhile artists to appreciate and they will be covered at a later time. Meanwhile--stay tuned for the news of upcoming guests, features, and visit that Old Rooster---for other topics.

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