Wednesday, May 9, 2007

An Addition You Will Enjoy

Perhaps I should have shown a crystal set. In biblical terms Crystal Sets begat classic radio which begat classic TV which begat crap TV which now begat Internet Videos. I believe that is a quote from Bill Hahn 13:1 of a testament no one ever heard of.

The new means of communication and narrow focusing of it is a long way from the days of B/W TV when the announcer held up a hand lettered sign about next days limited and pathetic programs. Also a far cry from the halcyon days of radio entertainment which is now replaced---with the exception of one or two places (OK WFDU and NPR)--with canned schlock and sometimes abusive and insulting schlock.

The new means are truly an amazement and something that now makes us all journalists but also makes one wonder about the truth. The nice part is that it allows for some nice features to be shared with others. This is what I have tried to do now on this site---and on The Daily Rooster.

Scroll down on the right side and see some Memorable Moments via You Tube. They will be updated on a regular--but not a daily-basis. You will see this on The Almost Daily Rooster as well. Shortly there will be different ones each site.

A usage hint. If you just want the audio you can hear it by clicking on the picture of the frame you want. If you want to see the video merely scroll to the top of the screen once you hear the audio and the video will be playing there. Enjoy some memories and sometimes some newer material. Hopefully some surprises will be coming on a fairly frequent basis.

As to the picture at the top of the beauty from the 1950s. We could do a whole riff on obesity since the advent of remote controls for TV. At least Mr Couch Potato had to put the beer down for a moment to walk over to the TV to change the channel from NBC to The Dumont Network back in those days. Now he just sits there with his remote and he still cannot find The Dumont Network---but he can find hundreds of other channels. Is there a Beer Channel? If not yet there will be.


Anonymous said...

At least we sill have to get up off he couch to use the bathroom, to make the microwave popcorn and to get another beer, and occasionally to sing with Work o' the Weavers.

David B.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope more people sing along with Work O The Weavers. Good for their souls and good for their waists.

Bill H.

Anonymous said...

This is some funny stuff. Maybe your best blog to date. The YouTube is a super addition. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Tell your friends to join you there---who knows what will be served next.

Bill H