Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Few Thank You Mentions and Some Reminiscences

I really have to send out many thanks to the loyal listeners who have supported this program over the many years it has been on. You know that it was started by Ron Olesko (on the right) (while a student) in 1980. It is now the longest running program on WFDU and, frankly, has evolved into the last program left in this area that still gives you a diverse menu of offerings in the folk area each week.
WFDU, thankfully, still programs "locally". By that I mean there are people here---you can talk to them and you can interact. If you know of any other stations in this or in most areas I would like to hear of them.
As we said today---we try to present a "festival" each week. A diversity. Not all Bluegrass, Blues, C/W ==rather a blend of all that and the traditional and the new folk artists that are emerging. There are many. We have introduced you to Pat Wictor, Johnsmith, Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer, and so many others---Sharon Katz and the Peace Train---the list goes on. Other local stations claim to be local---they wait for a track record from the artists. Well, they get it here on WFDU and many, thankfully, keep their loyalty to this station which is why the greats keep coming back--The Kennedys, Tony Trishka, Mary Gauthier, and so many more.
So--thanks again for your support which supports you as well in keeping your listening habits where they are. I know I hate it when something I look forward to is gone.
As to the reminiscences. One of our pledgers today recalled how had been listening to this program since 1980 and knew all the previous co-hosts and also when the program started. I am flattered that he found that my start---some 13 years ago now---was rather nervous and how it has evolved into something he looks forward to each week. I recalled to him how he sent me a CD of Spanish Civil War songs and how he wrote that he hoped I would share my collection of recordings on the program. Also, how we met many a time at the Clearwater Revival (Great Hudson River Revival) and caught up on things---and programming.
As to that ignominous start. I thank Ron Olesko for letting me warm up for a few weeks in a studio that was not broadcasting. I thank my daughter for coming by with her husband in 1994 for my "debut" and commenting on my nervousness----and now complimenting me on the quality of the program.
In continuing my Oscar acceptance speech---I thank all those little people who made me a big fish in a little pond. WOW!!! Does anyone thing I can get to do the Oscars?
Other listeners have called to say hello and support the program and comment on the depth of feeling they have for this particular show. I--and Ron---both thank you in the most heartfelt way.
Obviously I cannot single everyone out to thank. Many do not want to be acknowledged and I shall honor that. So---heartfelt thanks for your sincere help in keeping something we all want around for much time to come.
Finally---please e mail or make comments here if you have anything you wold like to say about TRADITIONS or if you want to make some late pledges. Email is

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Anonymous said...

Your personal joy and exuberance in doing the show is reflected in your effort. The return of the loyal listeners is due to the pleasure they(us)receive in the time spent. Keep it up!