Saturday, February 24, 2007

Far Afield Thoughts for this Site---Academy Awards

Leaving the notes for the 3 radio programs aside for the moment and being happy that the Academy Awards are on after TRADITIONS has aired on February 25 I thought to throw out a few thoughts.
What started as an industry event has, as most things, turned into a commercial gala. With plenty of imitators now--Golden Globe, Peoples Choice, etc; Given that we have to--as Arthur Miller said about Willy Loman--"...attention must be paid". Though one does have to ask when thinking of other things in this universe---WHY.

But, since attention is being paid, a few comments and then some favorite picks---and your comments are welcome.

I never could understand a contest for Best Picture. How do you compare a tragedy, a serious docudrama (documentary is a different category), a comedy, and a musical. Different animals and different breeds.

Acting can surely be compared for its difficulty and its impact on the audience. The technical things---make-up, sets, effects, etc; as well.
My choices---let me see if you agree--

Picture: Little Miss Sunshine -- a dark comedy with a wonderful point.

Actress: (female actor) Judi Dench -- An amazing performance as always--Kate Blanchet was her equal in this great film---Notes On A Scandal.

Actor: Forest Whitaker. Would it not be interesting to see Peter O'Toole win after all those great roles for actually playing himself.

Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin-- He made me not want to leave watching Little Miss Sunshine---you all know, surely, he started singing folkd songs with the likes of Lee Hays and others.

Supporting Actress (female actor) : Abigail Breslin --who could best exemplify Little Miss Sunshine---Frankly I thought she was the lead. Kate Blanchet had an equal part to Judi Dench. These categories are pretty misleading---she, too, was a marvel to watch.

No comments on any other things since I am not technicaly versed in make-up, cinematography, etc; other than to say that, given its popularity and political correctness, Al Gore's film will win the documentary award. As to animated features---I suppose Happy Feet gets it on a technical basis. But, frankly, nothing has come up to Shrek yet. This one is only 90 minutes and feels like 2 years---every effect but a kitchen sink is thrown in. Cute at first then it becomes tedious---best to stick to March of The Penguins. Real and not cute.

Any comments you have are welcome---and as for me---I will watch bits and pieces===Ellen DeGeneres ---and then read the results in the paper. After all there is other pap on the boob tube.

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