Sunday, May 8, 2016

Topical and And Radio Program((s) Thoughts

Sorry to say  I have been remiss in publishing  the page in a while---"publishing"---sounds awfully pretentious.   Keeping up with matters that matter to me and hopefully to you is more honest.

To begin with---radio.   As you may recall I have hosted a number of programs over the years on WFDU/ (or the historic way 89.1 fm)   Traditions,Tabletalk,Sunday Simcha,

A brief history and then some thoughts that you can chime in in---sort of like a folk concert. Also, a bit of personal history(gossip, if you will)that you may enjoy---it is surely not the crap on Reality TV(TMZ?)

TRADITIONS started in 1980 (by Ron Olesko---then a student at FDU.  The longest running program on the station.    I am in debt to Ron for asking me to come aboard ( we both like nautical music)and for some 25 or so years these Sundays have been a joy to me. TRADITIONS continues--- also in being a gem.

SUNDAY SIMCHA started over 12 years ago at the request of the management of WFDU due to the exit if the producer of the prior program (not named Simcha) .   The exact date eludes me but I want to thank the  loyal listeners wh0 have welcomed the program into their mornings each Sunday and let me know that---e mail. In honesty---not financially(that did create a problem since listener keeps non commercial radio viable).    If you think back a bit to this program  we have had some amazing talents on the show----not the things you might have yearned for in a traditional sense.   We played Cantors, Liturgical pieces,Holiday celebrations, and tried to widen the interest of you -my audience.
Some of the guests---Zalman Mlotec, Mike Burstyn, and many more.They were all a joy to meet and get to know.

TABLETALK---for this program I must give credit to Barry Sheffield (current PD) and Carl Kraus (former PD).  I approached them with an interview I had done with a talented artist that did not fit into TRADITIONS and they suggested a one time spot to air it ----that evolved into Tabletalk.   Frankly, the most  intersting