Sunday, October 11, 2015


Having neglected this blog for a while I, as Gen MacArthur, have returned with some thoughts and comments on the radio programs and also some things that I was not able to play on the air---by my own decision and not by any people in the most eclectic radio station you will find in the universe.   No more being excited--as in the days of crystal sets and tubes---by rcvng  Chicago or London on the air.  It's a new world---and has been for a while now and technology creeping up on as at an even faster pace.  I admit that new mgmt at WFDU has really expanded things from when I came aboard (1994).  It truly is the "global" voice of---you know the rest.

I could go  into some tales of loyalty and programming criticisms but, in the big picture, this  is the most free form and (I do believe I coined the phrase)most eclectic station on your dial---if you have such an obsolete item.

 The years have gone by---some 24---since I joined the station and so much has evolved I will keep those memories here in my alleged brain but would share them on request---sort of like radio requests.

 To end the radio portion of this rant;  I hope you are enjoying my programs-- TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA.   Today's TRADITIONS was a special delight for me because I was able to introduce music from a friend of mine---DAVID BERNZ---his son JACOB . 

I know we cannot  leave out SUNDAY SIMCHA. Good opportunity for me to make a rant.  The positive comment is that it has brought me back to my own roots and has exposed me to what really attracts lovers of "Yidishkeit" and tolerate my     "modernization" of it.   I won't go into future programming---tune in and find out the results

 A few current thoughts now about this inanity of alleged debates for the Presidential election 2016---these are no debates as definitions go.  They are publicity hype by the insane over populated pack of Repubs---led by a rather large joke----Mr..D. Trump.   Now there is Ben Carson---the opposite of the Trump joke---a quiet man speaking softly (as he did to patients in his very difficult medical practice).   People believe in his knowledge and veracity because of that---his knowledge goes no further than that.   He knows nothing of international politics (right along w/ the RE magnate who thinks he knows more than even God).   For brain surgery I would certainly look to him.   For leadership there must be something better.   

I did not intend this as a political  diatribe .   Do what you think correct but do think of Bernie Sanders



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