Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Return From An Extended Hiatus With Some Random Thoughts

Those of you who have followed my radio programs (WFDU---TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA) may recall that I have had some computer issues that precluded my broadcasts for a few weeks.  All is now resolved and I am certain is a load off of your minds---well, 1 or 2, perhaps.   I don't deal well w/ popularity.

Let's move on  to some things of more import.   Perhaps the upcoming Pres. elections.   Over a year away and everyone is acting like it isi tomorrow.   Nothing like 24/7 new and instant insight--alleged.   Takes time for insight.   But, the bit I take away is one thoughtful and idealistic candidate,  one candidate from the old establishment (forget gender for a moment) and a bunch of Yahoos crowding a field that has, perhaps, one possible contender w/some background who, thanks to his inept brother, is a no no to me.   Then there is the ever popular Pinata ---Donald Trump--waiting to be smashed to well deserved pieces in the tradition of his idyllic place.  By the way---has anyone recalled his borderline criminal acts in trying to get tenants out of some rent controlled bldgs on Central Park S. a number of years back.   Seems like some of the people he now criticizes were in his employ.   Surprise?

I have not been surprised by the outcry and arguments about the Confederate Flag. Unlike tabloid rags there are nuances to this matter and while I support its removal for its symbolism it does open up a few matters of  history and of dealing with an in(s)ane  person who committed this act of terror and violence.   

First---that flag did not go up there until the 1960s in opposition to integration.  It may have been a battle flag for some but it was a symbol of defiance to the Fed. Gov',t in the 1960s.      The flag may have been, as said, a battle flag for some, but, the Civil War (technically the war between the states) was not about slavery.  It was deeper than that.   So, let's not use this symbol as a flash point for insane bigots who know not more.   And, let us not make this in(s)ane nutso believe he had any effect on anything.  That is the worst thing we can do.

Finally, let's get back to some cheerful radio moments.   I have been off TRADITIONS for a few weeks due to computer glitches---as you know.  All resolved.  It all started when a listener generously sent me a cassette of an interview from years back w/Ronnie Gilbert (she was also the photog at the event) and managed to screw it up on the computer (which does not seem to like cassettes----wow, technology really tries to destroy its predecessors) (no 8  TRACKS for me).   I just discarded my Edison wax cylinders and since I believe I know my audience demographics I will stick to downloads/vinyl--for the time being--CD--and,hopefully new technology will take a brief break.  I have not the head or the money to keep up with it


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