Sunday, February 23, 2014


It has been a while since the last posting and it has been a busy time with  the radio programs---Sunday Simcha and Traditions. For that reason this will be brief.   

If you check the playlist page you will find what is planned even though the playlists wee suspended for a brief fund raising time.

So---one thought I want to share that has nothing to do with folk music---but I do have to thank all who have supported both Simcha and Traditions with their hard earned pledges in this economy. OK the thought----I will leave my opinion out of it but you will pick up on it---
Gov. Cuomo has a wonderful plan to offer college educ. to inmates to get degrees.  The system now offers training in trade skills (to some extent).  So, let me see if I understand--this will prevent recidivism  and those who are not serving jail time cannot afford college or are burdened with loans more horrendous than home mortgages.    The dear Gov. might think of this---best people (youths) rob a convenience store and go to prison for their education---no student loans, free room and board, and you graduate prison with a degree---and if, luckily, it is Sing Sing, you have attended Harvard on the Hudson.    Sounds like a plan to me that equalizes college opportunities for those hard to repay student loans.    A forward thinking politico---he is that.  Not a statesman.

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