Monday, December 16, 2013

Random Brain Droppings for the Multitude---both of you

Now, does that heading not feel personal?  I, once, jokingly said (well, more than once) on the air --"this is for our listener".   I was chastised for that---you do need a sense of humor---I am sure there is more than one listener so, perhaps, I should have used the plural.  That would encompass 2.
This will be short and sweet. Diabetics be warned.   

Starting with all the sweetness I have to thank The Kennedys for a most amazing and heartfelt performance last week at the Orangeburg Library.  I have never seen a more delighted audience and one that felt so enamored with the performers.

Since we are on the topic of performers; let me say that on 12/29 I will be hosting the year end TRADITIONS (WFDU 89.1 fm and streaming on the  web at and I  will NOT be presenting any top 10 recordings for the year.  I will, however, be presenting what I consider the most memorable recordings I have rcvd this year----could be more than 10 since there were a goodly number of them from some very talented artists---to whom I am only a humble conduit.  We will also recall the folks that passed away this year in our genre.   If you have any artists you think should be included in " the most memorable of this year" please do e mail me a request and a comment to 

As the year is rapidly coming to an end---well, "rapidly" is the wrong word.  It just seems that way. My delight to have attended some memorable moments with some memorable people---The Folksbiene Gala honoring Theodore Bikel (90 Bday coming up) and Fyvush Finkel,  the wonderful and talented guests on my radio programs this year----Andy Revkin,The Levins, and ever so many more truly wonderful and talented artists---AND --stay tuned as I welcome David Buskin ( in a reunion with Modern Man) shortly and also  Gathering Time to celebrate their newest release.

Finally, putting aside commentary of things I have read recently (items about the upcoming NYC mayor, my thoughts on the NSA and this nation, and ever so much more) let me just wish all a safe and not too cold winter to survive into the next year of things we can talk about---and listen to on that good ole crystal set

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