Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It has been some time since the last ill afforded excrement that has dropped from this old brain.  Time to alleviate that situation and either vex you or bore you once again.

First, let me mention the radio programs---TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA.  I am always amazed by the amount of e mail and response I get for SIMCHA vs TRADITIONS.   I know where my priorities are and I am beginning to realize where the listener's priorities  are placed.   So be it and let us all be happy and what we do and what we listen to on radio----AND---thankfully there are folks like myself who still find radio the most personal medium. 

Since these are misc. brain droppings it will stay misc. (hate to spell that whole word out---but w/ spell check why worry).    I am always surprised by writers who prefer their good old Underwood over the computer.   I still have and IBM selectric and I hope the dust on it is not causing me allergy attacks.  OK, it was my wife's for her business---in the days of Word Perfect on the computer and the ability erase typing on a Selectric.    So, why love that old Underwood?   I just corrected this sentence and you did not even know that and I never used and eraser, white out, or "x"(on the selectric ).  Now is the time to show some pity for the inventors of "white out", special erasers (for typing), and all those folks who owned the nice little stationary stores that I loved with their wonderful paper aromas who now are gone and replace by the likes of the Office Depots, Office Max, etc; and have joined the great family of extinct Dodos.

Now to get personal about these misc. droppings from this feeble old brain.   One has to appreciate one's ability to stay alert, creative, and functioning as the years roll by.   One also has to realize physical limitations that are not apparent and are noticeable in much younger people and be thankful not to be afflicted by them.  An aside.   One gentleman I know is 90 yrs. of age and he is, many times my tennis partner.  He saves the day.  Bless him and his great health and stamina.   All that said one has to also realize that, sometimes, it is time to move on to a new chapter in life.   When I reach that moment I will post another bit of excrement from my old brain.  Until then, suffice it to say, we do our best.

One other thing worthy of note has to do with technology.   We meet so many people in our lives and, while Facebook is certainly not a place for true relationships, it does add a sense of community if you "friend" right folks.  I hope I have.

Perhaps some music is called for to keep with the mood---

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