Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hopefully you will be sticking around for the end which is where there will be some program updates.   Prior to that some random "brain droppings" as mentioned.

1)   Check out the cover of this week's New Yorker.  It says it all about the NYC bike program.   A great metaphor for the NYC population.
2)    Speaking of NYC I must relate a nice conversation with a fellow---dare I say a suberbanite of good intellect.  She pointed out how one of her children thinks that kids in the suburbs (and she --the daughter-- is a brilliant author) feel privileged and yet she, who lives in a posh area of NYC doesn't think that her kids are.   So, some thoughts about that---membership in posh athletic facilities,  being driven to them, etc;  Sounds like privilege to me.   There is a privilege in the suburbs---going to a tennis court and playing and not waiting for hours and no charge (OK you did pay taxes), lack of parking problems, and being in close proximity to what many think of as the center of the universe.  I think that is called Xenophobia (actually that has to do with nations---but you get the point.)   OK enough NYC bashing. 
3)   I have stopped giving any donations to PBS.   Think about it---fundraisers without end that seem, to me, to occupy more time than commercials on the Networks and re-hashed music with guys with bad toupees singing their annoying golden oldies..   NPR has the decency to do fundraisers just 2 or 3 times a year and present programming even more meaningful than PBS---though I admit that today people want visual.  Would that they stay tuned to radio---I love the WNYC slogan---Never Turn It Off.I am delighted to say that my station (WFDU) has one fundraiser a year---one. Period.   Then there is another station on the left side of the now defunct "dial" that seems to have one every other week.   Granted, that station has NPR affiliation and that costs mucho dinero.   It also precludes freeform programming.
 4)  On a positive note I must say you really should read "FDR and the Jews".   It is a very readable and insightful book that opened a lot of memories to me and explained some things I knew not of---and gave me a whole new take on Eleanor and her evolution to the "heroine" she became
 5)   Back to the beginning in more detail---The NYC Bike Program.   Hoboken (which, admittedly, is smaller) has it right.   Not the complex inane set up of NYC.   Great advtsg for Citibank  and that about covers this fiasco---think about this---bike lanes were around under Koch (not well rcvd) and now there are bike lanes that make left turns (for cars) hard and dangerous to all and parking in the middle of a street.  A few thoughts about who is going to partake of this fiasco---CEOs---no---Mid level execs--not unless they shower at work---tourist---sure --they will think it the in thing for a month, the average citizen---will take a subway, a bus, or rent a bike (if  one is not owned) from a bike store.   Mayor Bloomberg's idealism is ever so wonderful and I can only assume he will be pedaling around town soon---only in  a rickshaw w/ pedaler  I am certain.

OK--You have stayed for the bitter end of this so a few program updates and notes---

JUNE 2----SUNDAY SIMCHA  will present one of our funniest Comedy Corners yet---and many listeners had requests---they will be fulfilled .  

JUNE 9---TRADITIONS will be visited via tel. by a terrific talent with a new and very autobiographical CD out now. DEBORAH HOLLAND.   I do hope you will join me for this---she is an amazing talent who personifies the strength of the female gender.  In addition we will also present the regular features and the new addition of Comedy Corner.

I do believe we need a sample of one of the artists in one of our regular features----

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