Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

Either a day early or a week late----whatever:

1) Before there was “texting” there was “conversation” and it seemed a lot more civilized than being with someone who is also staring at a screen and thumbing.

2) There was a time when we had “friends’ and we had “acquaintances”. Now with Facebook and other sites you have “friends” that are not even “acquaintances”. Do not ask them for a loan! You may get a virtual one.

3) I suppose I should not even think of who I want to win a tournament (Wimbledon) I could well be the kiss of death. Check the results and you will see what I mean.

4) How many remember when wars were fought on battlefields and not in civilian terror attacks?

5) The question has to be asked---a conscript army or a paid volunteer army? Sounds like the difference between “patriotism” (of the founding fathers time and all wars up to Viet Nam) and “the business of war”. Good read on that is Si Kahn’s book about privatization and all the implications.

6) Some great new recordings by some greatly talented people have flown in over the always open transom at WFDU---here are a few: Brother Sun, Hungrytown, Caroline Solabello, and some wonderful stories in song from Claudia Nygaard.

Join me this Sunday at 3 PM at and hear all of them along with a tribute to Dave Van Ronk (who would have been 75 around this time) and Harry Chapin in anticipation of the annual event at Eisenhower Park (Nassau County NY) on July 18 and on July 16 a Chapin Family Concert in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the loss of Harry Chapin. That will be at Hecksher Park in Suffolk County, NY

7) All that criticism of Cy Vance (NY DA) is over the top. He did the right thing---as did the NYPD. They stopped someone in a rush to leave and then honestly started to investigate the case. The tabloid—note—“tabloid”—media were the ones that rushed to judgment. Could that also be the case in Florida---I don’t know. I was not on the jury.

8) A DVR can be a great time machine to travel to a time when TV had quality programming unlike most of purely prurient pastiche posing as meaningful material.


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