Friday, June 17, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1) I sure have to wonder when Broadway Musicals became Disneyland East devoid of good music and drama but filled with special effects and obscene prices. Spiderman is only that latest incarnation of a show that wants to be a mediocre film.

2) Given the prices on Broadway would it not be less expensive to see a film and stick to some quality that Broadway, rarely now, can offer? Usually drama.

3) Larry Kramer (The Normal Heart) hit it on the head---even though he sounded petulant in an interview---to paraphrase—“....the best material is Off Bway and the Tonys are just an exercise in promoting Bway shows to make money touring big venues—forget content and quality...”

4) Have you noticed the new punctuations are --- and not ,,,? I guess Walter Winchell was ahead of his time but a true pain in the ass in his own time.

5) What do you think old Bill Shakespeare would have made of this: U r a pitha and I lol at u. Gee---so close to “ be or not to be....”.

6) Where have all the flowers gone? In my house---died. They never complained as a dog or cat might have. Just as well---less to do and I gave them a good send off. I think. Earth to Earth and plants appreciate water---so a toilet flush should suffice for farewell prayers and offerings.

7) So hard to resign from an office, embarass yourself, and still collect your pension in the 7 figures. One has to sympathize---and look at how many weiners a Weiner can buy with that number.

8) One would think that a man with such a name would think twice before becoming a punch line----he could really cash in by riding along on The Wiener Mobile---there is such a thing.

9) There was once a judge by the name of Putz===happily, he avoided becoming a punch line.


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