Thursday, June 9, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of..............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)                The obvious question is why someone with the name of “Weiner”  would allow himself to put in this position---of all the definitions of “Weiner” he has proven to be the most accurate---a Putz.

2)                If politics does not work out anymore---and it shouldn’t given his propensity stupidity and arrogance---a job driving the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile---a perfect solution to all things Weiner.

3)                You thought doctors and psychiatrists had it good with the fees---think about Private Tutors (for students and SAT).   $450.00 for 50 minutes.  That is one great 50 minute hour that will not create leaders rather, pampered and sheltered kids who’s parents have high hopes---like a rubber tree plant.

4)                Did A. Lincoln, HST, DDE, and such have private tutors?

5)                Mike Wallace is now some 94 years old and, sadly, suffering from dementia.   Yet, in reflecting on his career, I recall his early show==Nightbeat where he destroyed his guests---yet, 2 interviews ring out.  Mike Quill and Burt Lancaster.  Each one, for valid reasons, walked off the stage in a live segment because of Mr. Wallace’s demeaning and insulting queries.  Bravo for them.

6)                You have to hand it to the bank folks.  They take the money and try for even more by trying to keep insane debit card fees alive and well.  Huge profits, bailouts, and big bonuses seem to be the order of the day whilst doing great advertising to show how friendly they are.  Did you ever get that free lunch from Chase?

7)                A great punch line for a restaurant that has a sign that says---Cash Only –but No Worry –We Have an ATM.   The punch line should read---Big Worry--- I have no account anywhere---sure did enjoy the meal.


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