Thursday, May 19, 2011

THURSDAY -- Another Edition of........

The flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)            For meaningful moments of music best to check stations like WFDU.  I admit I am partial and WNYC also has much to offer in intelligent conversation.  I do hope you will be joining me on Sunday May 29 when conversation and music come together with Andrew Calhoun will come together. 

2)            Another great performance by Mike Burstyn and an amazing cast doing another performance of The Adventures of Hershele Ostropolyer---to which, rightfully, are raving.  Mike will be my guest on SUNDAY SIMCHA on May 29.

3)            If I checked into a hotel I am happy that the room is cleaned and I do leave a tip—and always wonder how people do this hard and menial work.  Even Oreck (who I had on my Tabletalk program) tried to ease the work load—and garnered much money for his innovation.

4)            An update---Bin Laden is still dead.   Right there with Franco and Hitler and other people of little worth.   I do quote the official sources here---but, in our cynical world, I do believe them.  After all, Adolf is gone---Franco---ditto.  Oh we do miss Benito--the trains did run on time for a time

5)            I think the house arrest (etc;), in Manhattan, for Strauss- Kahn will be more pleasant than the forced look for privacy by his accuser.

6)            Whatever can make an IPO for something like “Linked In” so valuable?   Spam is really worth something, I suppose.

7)            Where oh where do they get the time—running for office, not running for office and hearing the voice of God all the time to help them with their choices whilst having their illicit affairs?   Busy Busy Busy.
           Flip Wilson had it all right---"God Made Me Do It"--OK dated material.

8)            It is always a deight to me when one get fortunate to find some physicians that are good, caring, relatable  with (on a personal basis), and actually have people who answer the phones---people ---not robotic voices with menu selections.  I am blessed to have some like that---and I will not mention the disaster that used to be the practice I went to in Rockland County----sometimes big is not better.   Well, for patients.

9)            NY NY its a wonderful town---too bad it is pretty much unaffordable for the
”great unwashed” these days.   Sadly, the term---“great place to visit but I would not want to live here” has to have the last sentence replaced by “...cannot afford to live here”.  Great comment by the performer Moby (now in LA)---loved it in the 70s and 80s---dangerous as hell but a mecca for creativity---now it is safe, Disneyfied, and totally unaffordable for an average person.   Agreed---unless you want to live in a closet for $1,200.00/month.   Is that your dream?  Not mine.
 There is a wonderful tenement museum in lower NYC which you can visit---then, of course, you could move to NYC in that area and live in one (walk-up and all) for over the price above.  Sounds like a really bad plan unless you believe that makes you an interesting and creative person.   If so—more power to you and also---good strong legs. Get pointed shoes 

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