Thursday, April 21, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of........

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)           I could have waited but wanted to alert all that on the May 1 program of Sunday Simcha you will hear “Rumania,Rumania” as you have never heard it before---tune in to find out who this great artist is who supplied me with a recording that he did live in a tribute to his father and is not recorded anywhere.

2)           Maureen Dowd really hits things on the head---first (well, not first since she has been doing this a long time) Dylan and now in the past few days the nonsense about the searches at Airports---always a day late and a dollar short.  For some reasons the Israelis have gotten it right for over 50 years.

3)           Judges should be elected---period.   Leave an elected official to appoint a judge and I do hope you don’t have a relative the politico does not like and you have a case before his honor of little honor.

4)           Does anyone recall the time when you opened a business, say, restaurant, and the city (of NY) and the unions were not part of making the whole thing into political fracas?  

5)           Why do people who work a long day doing whatever they do want to come home and watch “reality TV” when they spent their day in reality and might want some “escape” entertainment with some cultural significance.  Admittedly, you won’t find much of that on TV---years ago you did and the re-runs might well be worth the view.

6)           Why oh why does anyone give a damn about the “royal wedding”?  I, many times, try to avoid invitations to people I know---I don’t know these people and don’t care to know them.   A book—many years back—talking of radio and hype talked of the public as “The Great Unwashed”.  They await this event with baited breath (since they never bother with a breath freshener or a good diet)---heard a woman in a MD’s waiting room expounding (not a word she knows) on how “...great this will be---cannot miss it.”  Wish I had asked her to show me her invitation.

7)           The article in the NY Times about Kiryas Joel (in Orange County  NY) and its alleged “poverty” might well have been headlined “Truly poor or very rich in schemes”?.  Religious groups of all denominations have some truly creative ways of avoiding taxes and still hold local political influence.

8)           When they lowered the deceased into the ground with his cell phone in hand as was requested he really did not respond to the calls of “can you hear me now” that he thought might resurrect him.

9)           It brings us to the question---why Good Friday?---seems it was not all that good. Next would come “not such a bad Saturday”-- one supposes.

  10)     Equal time for deep religious is only proper so        since it is the Passover season best to quote Lewis Black (you do need the angry voice)—“....kind and loving God—right---“He Abe bring the kid over I have a few requests---and Moses---guess what---you ain’t getting in after all”.   And as to the Seder Service---for years I have poured a cup of wine for Elijah---now, it seems, he has a female companion –Miriam—and she too has some wine waiting.  No one has entered yet but burglers and they did not drink the wine---something about being diabetic and Manischewitz would not be a    wise choice for one in that condition.


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