Thursday, February 10, 2011

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A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)  Given the events this day an essay is required---at least in my opinion and in response to some comments made on a link at Facebook--where else--opinions galore---and rightfully so.  

These are comments in reply to that post---with some editing for this posting on the blog----

  I could write an essay on this but, suffice it to say, revolutions and upheavals have changed w/ the technology but at the core is still the power of a state and its ability to control. Either subtly or overtly w/ pain and death.
  • That said, Mubarak is what he is and in hardball diplomacy he has not been the worst--nor the best---of people the U S has dealt with.
    You can separate this into 2 issues if you will. The people of Egypt and the U S interests. Obviously we are looking out for them and keeping the Middle East below a boiling point that this rev. could start--forget the dominos of Viet Nam --this is more a domino effect.
    As to the people--that is an internal Egyptian problem and they seem to have taken it to the streets and into an absolute success---to a point. You still have to find some sort of leadership that can then negotiate and deal w/ the "state".
    Since we spoke (or I did) of dominoes let us never forget Saudi Arabia, Israel, and all the others---the Arab nations are the dominoes that might fall, Israel has, since Sadat--and Mubarak acceded to it--been at peace with Egypt. The Arab nations get overthrown if there is upheaval in Egypt (dominoes again) and you can rest assured that all hell breaks loose w/ Israel---and the U S is going to be involved once again.

    SO---in stark terms---Mubarak is not a nice guy---most dictators are not---but he is our fairly benevolent dictator and he also has the army (so far) at his side---an army that we have trained and supplied.

    SO--practical terms---this may well be the best of all worlds---wait it out to Sept. and, frankly, founding fathers are born (as in the U S) and not appointed.   No external entity, is able to appoint "founding fathers".  Think here of our own history.
    2)  Let us leave it for next week to comment on the "reviews" for the fiasco entitled "Spiderman" and also the great complimentary reviews for some films and a wonderful play.

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