Thursday, January 6, 2011

THURSDAY and Another Edition of...........

1)        Why is parking available for 3 handicapped spaces and unlimited taxis / buses only at the various monuments in Washington when the signs clearly state “Parking” with an arrow pointing to the area?

2)        It is good to see that, finally, there is film to allow the memory of Phil Ochs to be resurrected and the public will finally find the forerunner to Dylan---and, in my own opinion---just as or more creative in his music.  Had he lived longer he may well have been the Kennedy Center honoree if that means anything at all.

3)        Given all the instant gratification and communication that the internet and computers provide us how much more “instant” moments will the next generation want---or need?  Sometimes slower is better for digesting ideas and thoughts.

4)        My compliments to the Gilbert & Sullivan Players for their annual (36th) season in NYC at Symphony Space and for keeping this miraculous musical memory alive---in a true interpretation.

5)        Gov.  Cuomo is going to cut spending and lower salaries to help the NYS fiscal problems---so, how much did the venue for his State of The State speech cost.  The Capitol was free and a lot of paid time spent on his Power Point tech cuteness.   Ah vanity!

6)        I am hoping to get the contract for the handkerchief concession at the capitol and will surely find a great customer in the new speaker of the House---oh, those teary eyes.  A bonanza!!

7)        Do you think that they offer Senior Citizen prices on a par with Children’s prices at venues because of 2d Childhood?

8)        Euphemisms are strange.  Senior Citizen is really -- Old Person---let us be honest about it.  Troubled Teen---Juvenile Delinquent fills that bill just as a person fighting cancer is a person that is suffering from cancer (the doctors are doing the fighting).

9)        If there is “honesty in advertising” should not Sloan – Kettering Hospital be prevented from using the term “ cancer care anywhere” since that is only their opinion and I can mention some as good or better-----and less self serving and arrogant?

10)  Speaking of semantics (which we were with euphemisms) when did blatant advertising morph into Public Service Announcements as seen on PBS and heard on NPR?  

11)  Banks are cutting costs by urging more use of ATMs and not having people deal with people and their advertising uses wonderful euphemisms that translate into “We make money, the government bails us out, and screw you”.  Who recalls Russell Baker of many years back and his witty piece in the NY Times about ATM machines when Citibank (who else) was trying to charge people with a smaller balance than $5,000 from using a human teller?  They stopped that---until this new wave of machinations.

12)  Juan Williams has a strange view of things---NPR (according to him) does not allow for divergent opinions (they fired him---properly, I believe) but his employer (while employed by NPR also) is FOX news---“fair and equal”.  Right!   The pun does not work here—you know about calling a kettle black--- A 3 million dollar contract will soothe Mr. Williams hurt feelings for his own offensive comments---for which he was fired by the network that is fair and equal---NPR.


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