Thursday, December 9, 2010

THURSDAY and Another Edition of...............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)        I was truly saddened by the news of Elizabeth Edwards (nee Anania---probably a better way of recalling her) who survived a long battle with cancer and a marriage with class until the end of both.

2)        It’s just wonderful that there are people who can honestly say when being told of some bad acts by others----“.. it’s over and move on now since they are not going away and neither are we.  Tolerance is a word that comes to mind---with great effort.

3)        I am always delighted, honored---and truly surprised at my good fortune---to have met and engaged in conversation and friendship (with many) with so many people because of TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA.

4)        Facebook was a stroke of genius to its creator and a truly misleading thing to those who think they really made “friends”.   “Sounding Boards”, “Customers”, and “Targets for Ads” would be a better term.

5)        Advertising has changed from the days of “Mad Men”---a whole new and abbreviated way of communicating.  Some truly technically and electronically creative and yet not literarily creative.   The  question is would the real BBDOs(Batten Barton Durstine Osborne), Y&Ms(Young & Rubicam), O&M (Ogilvy and Mather), DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) haver rolled with it or just their initials since they are long gone and we now live with a world of initials.  As Shakespeare said –“...full of sound and fury signifying---NOTHING”.

6)        If TV is a “ wasteland” as Newton Minnow once, so famously said, it has truly changed----into  a “barren desert”.  That applies to the “networks”—Cable is getting more creative---and, ecologically important given all their re-cycling---of older material that had some merit when the networks were still a “wasteland”.
7)    The seat countdown for the Buskin & Batteau (with Marshall Rosenberg) is shrinking rapidly---only 20 left at this writing---and they are FREE.  Best to call 845 359-2244 so see if you can still find a place to park your fanny for this event.
8)   NYC is really cracking down on unpaid parking tickets so a helpful  hint and I am not Heloise----plead not guilty via mail and you will either be fined 50% less that billed or--if you can back up your story--have it dismissed.


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