Thursday, October 28, 2010

THURDAY---Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon:


1)       I wonder if psychologists and social workers spend so much time listening to others that they have to be in charge in other social situations. Or  do they act that way with “clients”?

2)       Why are they called “clients” when the same term was applied to Elliot Spitzer.  Could it be the hooker was a social worker in disguise?

3)       The forgotten joke from Fyvush Finkel has been given go me by his son:   The difference between Jewish  religious segments is how they pray to their God (I know it should be G-D===more narishkeit)
                       The Orthodox------Beyne Sheloylim(I guess that is the spelling--it loses it in the reading)
                        The Conservative—Avenu Malkenu
                       The Reform-----The Lord Our God is One.
                      The Reconstructionist---To Whom It May Concern.
That was the end of the Finkel joke---now my thoughts:

The Unitarians and Ethical Culture folks just keep wondering.  They may well be right.
The Catholics===they know for sure and you have to wear great costumes in the upper echelons of the clerical ranks or they will not be heard by an Almighty who is quite clothes conscious.
The Protestants---just too many to know what they want other than protest and be humorless.  Well, the Lutherans anyway---the rest do seem to have a laugh or two---and a drink or two would be good as well.
4)       Election Day is just around the corner and it is no wonder it is so close to Halloween since all the ads this year are fright ads.  No depth, no positive commentary---just insults.  By the way the Paladino ads are truly offensive given the half truths ( “...a civil suit instituted by Cuomo that got no jail time---listen closely---“CIVIL SUIT”---not “CRIMINAL”—jail was never an option---it was about the filthy lucre.

5)       I do believe if you kiddies want to scare people just dress like Paladino ---nuff said.

6)       Do you remember when Halloween was a fun holiday ---people rubbing chalk on others, doing some inane and harmless tricks---you know before expensive costumes were mandatory and, by the way, when did the NYC parade start?  Another “event” for what was a simple kids holiday—and parents did not have to escort the wee ones door to door for them to say “trick or treat” and you give the mandatory piece of crappy candy that they will surely throw away (at their parents insistence—amidst tears).  Trust me---I did not stock up on peanuts and razor blades.

7)       I am still wondering which bothers me more---Dental visits or Urological visits.  Talk about opposite ends, or is it horns ,of a dilemma.

8)       Have I got a deal for you---check the WFDU SUNDAY SIMCHA PAGE on Facebook and see what it is.

9)       Speaking of “deals”---does anyone recall when the Tri-Boro (I know JFK) bridge was .25 each way and the Geo. Wash. Bridge was ever so high priced?   I am taking applications now for passports to Nassau County/ NYC and points north since the MTA is making them almost inaccessible to friends, family, and businesses with the new tolls.   The Berlin Wall was about as forgiving for crossing as is the MTA

10)There is always a bright side to everything---if you are married and have in-laws on the other side of the great divide controlled by the MTA you have the perfect excuse to avoid them.

11)You should really visit the WFDU SUNDAY page to see an offer that will be hard to refuse---hint---it has to do with the Fyvush Finkel review---other than WFDU what other left side of the dial station will offer you this?
 12)  Have you ever wondered why commercial stations have on going commercial and Public and Community stations only have fund raisers ( in addition to "supporting" (aka commercials) announcements ad nauseum---yes, even the left and far right on the dial and only one---just one---only asks for minimal help 1 time a year?   Could it be idealism and an unpaid staff?   Honesty now---you know who the unpaid staff is---and are.


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