Thursday, September 23, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of.....

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)         Ted Hawkins was a terrific singer with a unique voice and style and, frankly, a poor guitar player who you really have to hear.  He is amazing.

2)         Since the blog viewers are increasing at the pace of a turtle we shall move from a telephone booth shortly to a larger venue—suggestions are welcome for venues that are able to accommodate these less than vast numbers that do not reach the heights of some blogs that, for whatever reason, attract millions.   Pass your recommendations on.  Mr. Zuckerberg seems to be ahead so I am not able to donate millions to my favorite cause.

3)         I do hope you will be tuned in to Traditions  (WFDU. FM) on October 3---Buskin and Batteau will surely brighten your day with their wit and wisdom.

4)         More wit and wisdom emanate from Family Guy than from many of the much over-rated “human” programs.

5)         Why does everyone have to be first to jump on the tech bandwagon with all the new “smart” phones.  Seems the phones are “smarter” than the buyers.

6)         Have you noticed the new posture people have---head down, thumbs up and “smart’ phones always in use----what happened to conversation?

7)         “Boardwalk Empire” is a lot of fun---mostly for its attention to period detail. 

8)         “Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg” is out on DVD now and is really fascinating with its 2 discs—the documentary and the extra interviews and sidelights.  One minor fault---which Aviva Kempner had in her Hank Greenberg bio as well---why a scene from a Marx Bros. film.  I love the Marx Bros. as , it seems, so does Ms. Kempner who feels she has to insert them into her films when they have nothing to do with the subject.

9)         “Mad Men” does slip a little when it gets too many sub plots going.  It is right on target when it sticks to the detail of the period and the ad business---and a few drinks before the meetings at Y&R, BBDO, or O & M.  Who remembers, as I do, what those initials stood for.

10)   Succoth is here and many are in their Sukkah.  So it looks like “Modern Man” had it wrong---Jews Do Camp.

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