Thursday, August 5, 2010

THURSDAY ---Another Edition of.....

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)         “Cocktails” mean different things to different people---live-saving moments for recipients of AIDS cocktails, death to recipients of Molotov cocktails (remember him?), and socializing for the lucky and still not alcohol addicted during The Cocktail Hour at The Cocktail Party.

2)         Would it not be nice if the AIDS cocktails were administered in a social setting so that it could also be called a “cocktail party”?

3)         After the discovery of the shipwreck in England that held the remnants of “The Round Table” and the inscription of the designer (one of the lesser known members of King Arthur’s Round Table) it made me wonder if anyone knows the name---comment if you like and it will be posted next week.  

4)         It was nice to hear of such an ecumenical wedding that took place last week in Rhinebeck, NY and even more impressive the openness of the religious representatives that officiated.   I don’t know much about the Minister but the Rabbi has traveled a long path from non-religious to devout to pragmatism.   Sounds like a plan to me---why, though, bother with the props of Tallis and Yarmulke?  It’s Showtime, Folks!

5)         There is so much controversy regarding the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero (truly a poor expression) and there are pros and cons on each side.  One argument has never been uttered----December 7.  Would a Shinto Shrine or Japanese Cultural Center be welcomed at Pearl Harbor after all these years?  The answer to that might prove enlightening.

6)         So good to hear that the U S auto companies are doing so well given that the taxpayers paid for their years of “crap” products in the bail-out.  Not unlike the financial folks receiving huge bonuses and huge profits after sinking the economy and now reaping large profits.  What about the poor “shlob” down the street?

7)          I still don’t think that a Yugo would have been a better option---unless you used it for a garden planter.

8)         Just a reminder that you should tune your TV (or set your DVR) to August 18 on PBS for the live performance (no commercials) of “South Pacific”. A memorable event.

9)         Speaking of TV---was it not a better era when kids had less choice of programming and were there for the “children’s hour” (or 2) on radio instead of constant cartoons and commercials?  Quality not quantity should be the watchword.

10)    The Sunday NY Times Real Estate Section makes you realize that, perhaps, John Edwards (with all his shortcomings) had a point---there are two different and distinct Americas.  Perhaps even more given the prices that some people pay for a place to sleep----and expletives excluded—ranging from over 25Milion dollars to a minimal number that is mentioned in the Gray Lady.  Then there are still SROs.   Not usually mentioned.


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