Thursday, June 24, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1) The more I think about it the more I realize that radio is what it is supposed to be on WFDU---eclectic, multi-genre, hosts present what they feel appropriate, and, of course, the fact that a real on air person picks up a phone---it really is “The Right Place On The Left Side of The Dial”. The rest is left to your thoughts. Oh---only one fund raiser a year which garners over 90% fulfillment –a record (Simcha had 100%---such a Kvell).

2) The ASPCA should really try to get Brian (of Family Guy) to be their spokesperson. It could be the next evolutionary step for the canine world against the human world.

3) The judge hearing the case for banning drilling in the Gulf rejected the argument because the government did not prove it unsafe. He is now an oil drilling expert I suppose and, as I recall, BP’s work there was also fairly safe---according to them and the government.

4) I bet you cannot guess what company is having a windfall from the publicity regarding how its product helps clean up those poor critters that are oil soaked. Of course they are not going to mention that it, as much else in our lives, is petroleum based.

5) The World Cup is entrancing the world and, while I do believe it more interesting than U S Football, I have to wonder why that is given the lack of scoring and the unending clock. Tennis, to me, is still more fascinating even though I heard that Federer was behind at Wimbledon (and then won) but during a break was concerned about the World Cup scores---eclectic fellow.

6) Tennis, at least, does not puncture anyone’s ear drums with the sounds found in World Cup (horns), Baseball (bugle calls), and oh so many more invasions of those poor overworked aural canals.

7) I know that times and issues are different but one really has to call the Gen. McChrystal business Pres. Obama’s “Harry Truman Moment”—even Lincoln hesitated regarding Gen. McClellan.

8) In the continuing quest for the answers to Bob Dylan’s ever so deep questions ( some covered in the last few weeks) the question now is ---why won’t he work on Maggie’s Farm anymore? Seemed like it worked out, metaphorically, quite well for him during the heyday of the folk protest movement that he seemed to want to rise above.

9) That was a great documentary about Bill Kunstler on POV this past week. What a wonderful project his daughters created---warts and all. That is real honesty. Just like the daughter of Ramblin’ Jack Elliot a few years back.

10) I liked what the lady who handles jury selection said when she got to the question about waiving your Jury fee---“..never saw anyone say yes to that and if they did I would have to wonder about their competence to serve”. Great sense of humor from truly not over-worked civil servant.

11)  You have to hand it to the Brits and Wimbledon---no tie breakers for them.  Now we have the longest game ever played---time now to sing "Tradition"

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