Thursday, May 20, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of ...............

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)      It’s always a delightful surprise to find that there really are just 6, or something like that, degrees of separation.   I still don’t know Kevin Bacon; but so many others you find to whom you do have a connection. 

2)      How did the Kevin Bacon and 6 degrees of separation start anyway?

3)      Law and Order is finishing but strangely I only really liked the earliest episodes with Moriarty, Ohrbach, Noth, and the first D.A. After that it was formulaic unlike “Homicide –Life on The Streets” with a great cast and non formulaic.

4)      With Cable TV, Internet, Satellite radio, Terrestrial radio, DVR, Smart Phones, and more there really no focused and large audience group anymore.  Advertising creativity is relegated to what attention clicks on a mouse get you. Bottom line; that all this divides us and, artificial virtual communities aside, divides people.

5)      What a shame that Phil Ochs topical music is still relevant.  Or, as Pete Seeger once wrote in his classic “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”---“...when will we ever learn”.

6)      Note that I said “topical”.  Phil Ochs other music is timeless in its beautiful.

7)      If I can just throw out the sports section of the newspaper why can I not avoid the sportscasters on radio in their mandatory use of as many words they can find that equal win or lose---trumped, trounced, flogged, walked over, ad nauseum.

8)      Don’t you think that a Museum of Ad Nauseums would be an appropriate venue to enshrine all the awful clichés, puns, and such?  Who knows it might get SRO and if not it might be a Turkey.  Two more items to add to the exhibits.

9)      If Jeopardy is for the really bright people with trivia queries that require knowledge why are the mundane interviews so boring and the people likewise---including the host?

10)                    I still like newspapers and not having to read them on a screen.  You can be just so current---then again with all this immediacy you can get caught in a current and drown.


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