Thursday, May 13, 2010


A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)         It seems that people worry about their privacy and then post things on the Internet (Facebook, etc;) with more information than one needs to know.  From medical to dental information and the ever popular bowel matters.

2)         Perhaps people want their privacy protected by the law so that they can annoy the world with their own information.

3)         Other than that the Mafia was not a nation state it seems that Afghanistan is not much different. At least OUR laws strangled

4)         Pete Seeger says it best in song—“...bring em’  home”.  Or better yet—a paraphrase from, who was it—“Jose Jimenez” (of Steve Allen fame)---“ my job”?

5)         How many times during the day do we hear these statements----“At the end of the day...”,  “Having said that....”, “On the other hand...”.  How about this to end all these overused vamps for time in interviews:  “At the end of the day, I have to say that on the other hand there are five fingers if you are not an amputee of any of the digits”.

6)         I would love to see an interviewer respond with this comment after thanking a guest for appearing and the guest saying “..thanks for having me”----“C’mon I’m not your mother”

7)         Some of the films depicting relations between children and ageing parents are comedic, touching, sad, you name it.  The Mother of them all is the 1937 film ( I could be classy and say “flick”) “Here Comes Tomorrow”---now on DVD.
           Available at The Orangeburg Library (Orangeburg NY) at no charge.

8)         Friday May 21 seems like a great day to head for Garden City to the Our Times Coffeehouse---they have B&B there that night---OK its not Cointreau but what that stands for is a better spirit---Buskin and Batteau.
9)         On May 3 Pete Seeger turned 91 but he may well be age dyslexic since, after seeing him at Tarrytown recently, he seems more like 19.

10)   I am learning not to judge a book by its cover---well, people by first impressions---books are probably best judged by their covers.

11)   Does everyone always have the top doctor in his field for their medical issues? 
      Think of all the interminable tales you hear about a person’s doctor being the head of this or that or the top in the universe.  How do those others make a living?  No one ever says I have a doctor and he is not really well known or the top of anything anywhere.

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