Thursday, April 29, 2010

THURSDAY---Another Edition of......

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)      Do retired cops, besides receiving over the top pensions, still get angry when one disagrees with them?  Oh, that controlling and wearing of a uniform is something hard to get rid of.  You know that's personal---right?

2)      Thinking of the above comment makes you thankful that Germany did not win WW2 but we now know that human nature (which includes the U S) is only steps away from the same nature---sadly, human nature.

3)      Think of 3 people at a table and each one is texting---talking about one of the others.  Whole new definition of having dinner with people.  

4)      I am always impressed by folks who, no matter their age, continue to go to educational courses and open themselves up to new ideas.  Would that people who only see things in black and white do that.

5)      Seems like Teabaggers see things in black and white and you have to wonder if they would have been involved in the original Tea Party unless, of course, there had been a Palin type shrew leading the cause---for a hefty fee.

6)      Why do people use Debit cards when they can use Credit cards and let the issuers give you a free monthly ride and if you overdraw a Debit card you may end up paying 37.50 for that 2.50 slice of Pizza you were so hungry and salivated over.

7)      Wasn’t it a wonderful time when telephones made telephone calls and did not become an entertainment center and a venue to pay e bills?

8)      If you don’t see money then you don’t realize you are spending it.  Las Vegas knew that years ago when you purchased chips.

9)      People of age are leaving the stage; as usual.  Whitney Harris died at 97.  The last of the prosecution team at Nuremberg after WW2 and the founder of the first International Criminal Court.  Unfortunately, the crimes go on.

10)                    One has to wonder how it is ever possible to hold anyone responsible of anything in the corporate and industrial world given all the intricate chains of ownership.  Seems like only the person who robs a 7/11 store or mugs someone in the street gets the original version of justice.  Justice for the large gang is elusive---Madoff, excluded---he did get his comeuppance. 

11)                    What a delight to see Pete Seeger (and Fred Hellerman and Ronnie Gilbert) still active and mesmerizing at those grand old ages.  Would that we all had such verve and drive.   Happy 91 on May 3 to Pete Seeger.
12)    Do join me Sunday on TRADITIONS when we celebrate Pete Seeger's 91st.(5/3), mine (5/2)---a bit before that, and re visit a wonderful show of last week in Tarrytown.

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