Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On May 3 Pete Seeger will be celebrating 91 years of life and music. I will surely be commemorating that on TRADITIONS on May 2 (my selfish note---my birthday that day--promise I will not sing). In the meantime something you might find of interest regarding Pete Seeger.

One of his great hits. Better way of putting it is one of his most memorable songs was Wimoweh. This came out of a misunderstanding of the pronunciation of the word---Mbube. The original recording was by the writer, Solomon Linda of S. Africa with his group The Evening Birds.

Over the years the song became a great hit in many forms and, sadly, Linda never received any royalties until, recently, Pete Seeger made arrangements for them to be sent to him. The song had been commandeered by groups such as The Tokens and re-named The Lion Sleeps tonight.

True BS since there are no lions in S. Africa (to my knowledge). Also a lion hunts at night.

The Lion in the song refers to the Zulu leader who will once again regain control of the tribe---so to speak.

In any case, Pete Seeger, singing the original version had a huge hit with it. Both as a solo artist and with The Weavers.

What follows are two versions---the original (which I thank Sharon Katz of Sharon Katz & The Peace Train for sending me) featuring Solomon Linda and then The Mahotella Queens. Stick around for May 2 and here Linda and Pete.

Two versions---the original and another brilliant one. Join me on May 2 for Solomon Linda and the Pete Seeger version and a tribute to this brilliant elder. Pete Seeger.

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