Thursday, January 28, 2010

THURSDAY --_Another Edition of........

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) WFDU still has not offered 30 Million to get me off the station. To paraphrase Sally Field on her Oscar award---“...they like me”. Damn.

2) It is a truism that technology advances used to take decades and now they seem to take nano-seconds. Google achieved more in 5 years than Microsoft did in over 10 and IBM and Xerox wanted to forget all about it. Guess they thought typewriters and photo=copy machines were the end.

3) What a loss was having Kate McGarrigle leave us at a fairly young age. So many Kates gone too soon---let us hope Kate Campbell sticks around for a very long time.

4) Why do some people think it is immoral for a homeowner to walk away from an “underwater” home (mortgage) and not think of the predatory banking industry and its wheeling and dealing in those same issues?

5) Did not Tishman/Speyer do the same thing after failing to raise rents high enough to support their gamble on the NYC investments? They did, legally, to their backers the same thing dear old Bernie did illegally since they had a property.

6) When did corporations get vocal chords so that they could enjoy “freedom of speech”. The Supreme Court thought that they---artificial entities for commercial purposes—did. Why does it take the eldest of the group to demur and realize they are not people?

7) Cell phones are ubiquitous and I have to wonder why people cannot ---teenagers, adults, et al; manage to walk, shop, and drive without constant contact and conversation. As to danger---no more need be said there.

8) Laurel & Hardy and their humor stand up after all these years and, thankfully, one can view them on TCM at times

9) I surely do hope that the multitudes who view this blog will support both TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA during the annual WFDU fundraising month---which, unlike others, is an annual and not a monthly, bi-weekly, or eternal experience. It is the price of a truly eclectic and non-commercial station that offers talk, music, and variety in a non confrontational vein. Also we don’t puncture any of your veins to draw out a pledge---we trust you ---as Sally Field said—above---“ like me”.

10) I am happy to report that the Met. Museum believes they can repair the tear in the over 100 year old Picasso painting---as they said “ was not in a focal point”---looks like the “tush” will be intact---Hallelujah. Thank heaven for such important things.

11) After reading the Radiation Therapy pieces in the NY Times it has really dawned on me not to put so much faith in the wonderful tech advancements; especially since it involves even more people to run them and human error is all too prevalent.

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