Thursday, December 17, 2009

THURSDAY and another edition of....

And the weekly flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) The end of the year always brings 10 best lists for the media when most things are subjective so why not just have hosts come up with “My Personal Favorites”---they may not be yours.

2)The Second City is 50 years old and I amazed at the amount of comedic talent they have given the world.

3) .If Hannukah is “The Festival of Lights” and Christmas celebrates a birth in a simple manger how come Hannukah only has a menorah and most neighborhoods celebrating Christmas can support a utility company with electricity used for all the lights?

4) .Perhaps Tiger Woods will find a product that is the opposite of Viagra that will let him endorse it if he uses it. Good for them both, it would seem.


5) .Some great artists and athletes leave the world too soon to lose the luster they have gained---then again some might not lose it at all---I am thinking of Arthur Ashe.

6) wonder if “server” farms have to have virtual farmers milk them or harvest them from time to time.

7) Who remembers the decade when banks were giving 10% + interest and you got a toaster for depositing funds. Now you get a toaster and they give you a bank---well, a failed one.

8) Some banks are too big to fail---is that like the fat cat being to large to die?

9) How many “apps” does a phone need before it is not a phone anymore? Probably the same amount of roads a man must walk before they call him a man---but at least he can talk while walking without crashing---just walk into traffic instead.

10) My hat is off to the woman who turned lemons into lemonade when she had a mastectomy and then started a line of T-shirts with uplifting and clever comments on them about Cancer.

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