Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THURSDAY---Another Edition of--

The weekly flip of the fedora to JIMMY CANNON

A bit early this week due to the upcoming holiday:

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) I finally figured out why I play tennis and don’t care for team sports.

2) Why do people say’’”...happy turkey day”? I bet turkeys are not happy.

3) Strange how having meat packaged so that (other than Tongue) it is not recognizable as an animal product makes you feel you are buying just another staple. Fish heads are the exception but they seem to be only in Japanese Gourmet shops.

4) Truly strange and amazing that a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome could be riding the subways for days on end and not be found. I suppose the old adage is true---“...all alone in a big city”.

5) How does Sen. Schumer find the time from facing all those cameras day after day to think about NY Maple Syrup? Amazing priorities and interests.

6) Why do people use debit cards? A cup of coffee (used to be 50 cents and now who know what at Starbucks for a fancy name) can cost a person many dollars in overdraft fees. Use Credit Cards and let the card company hold the bill for a month. Until they change the cycle rate to fool you.

7) When did advertising lose creativity along with network numbers and gain notoriety by “clicks” on the internet?

8) I will miss Carl Kassel of NPR but will be able to hear him on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (NPR). I doubt anyone will miss me that much-------someday.

9) Hopefully this weekly bit of work will gain some more readers in the year to come.

10) Vegan or Carnivore---I wish all a very joyous Thanksgiving and a pleasant day with friends and relatives (unlike the song from Loudon Wainwright)( also hoping not all your attendees feel the need to watch and talk sports) and my sincere sadness to those who do not have such things on this day.

11) Some days are just made for the many and sad for quite a few.

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