Thursday, November 12, 2009

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

And the weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon

Nobody Asked Me But:

1) People sometimes say too much on those social networking sites thinking it is a conversation with some real friends---they are only virtual.

2) I doubt that virtual friends would give you anything except a virtual hug, virtual loan, and any other virtual thing around---you could starve on a virtual visit because virtual food is not very nourishing---only virtually nourishing.

3) Mad Men has had its season finale on a perfect note and has shown that basic cable is doing programming superior (at times) to the ailing networks.

4) I am delighted that Theodore Bikel, The Capitol Steps (Elaini Newport—she is the alpha female), Buskin & Batteu, and myriad others (OK quite a few others) of great talent are stopping by on both SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS.

5) Since Agassi has written a book of memoirs, Serena Williams has written a book of memoirs, and other athletes have done the same the question arises----why? They had a great and profitable career but are their personal lives really of any interest?

6) Veteran’s Day is over and we remembered the brave (and sometimes needy souls) who have served us in wars that were right and also wrong.

Bill Clinton and Geo. W. Bush will be participating in a conversation at The Radio City Music Hall for big bucks. Glad that GWB ---as Laurel of Laurel and Hardy said, “...fine mess you have gotten us into”--- will be making big bucks while the soldiers die in a misguided war that profited a lot of contractors who are friends of our own Darth Vadar.

Trivia question now: Who was the last President not to capitalize on the office with high priced speeches and endorsements?

7) N E R F A (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) annual get-together starts today and I wish all a good and fruitful weekend and while I shall miss seeing many of you I will breathe easy in my incense scented home thinking of all the creativity that you are all producing and I will be happy to air when you contact me.

8) Why is anyone surprised with hidden bribery allegations surrounding the former Blackwater Group since everything the do pertains to clandestine activities? Surely our own ex-VP and caricature of Darth Vadar would understand.

9) I am looking forward to seeing Theodore Bikel in his newest work---Sholom Aleichem—Laughter Through Tears in the forthcoming week. Also The Capitol Steps in their performances in Morristown, NJ in December and again at The Town Hall in NYC in April.

10) Did you know that some fish are re-named to make them more appetizing---Orange Roughy is really Slimefish and you can check around for other anomalies such as the nice name for Sting Rays?

11) The case of the female astronaut who attacked her competitor in a love triangle has been adjudicated. She gets time served and probation and has to write a letter of apology. It seems that the excitement of space travel is still second to the excitement of sexual interludes.

12) Maureen Dowd is right---it is Goldmine Sachs and not Goldman Sachs. Their CEO actually claims they do things for the greater good while receiving millions (or is it billions) in bonuses. Who’s good are they serving? They do, however, donate to the NY Times Neediest---- I hope.

13) Archbishop Dolan criticized the Times (and M Dowd in particular) for the comments and coverage of the Anglican/Roman Catholic situation along with the coverage of priestly pedophilia (you have to love alliteration) and feeling not enough coverage on that subject was focused on the Orthodox Rabbis. Seems like guilt, to him, comes in degrees and conversion comes with the fact that his church is against homosexuality and the Anglicans are not.

14) A wonderful tribute to Mary Travers with a panoply of greats---music, politics, and humanity were there to speak and sing—at The Riverside Church. I only wish that I could have attended---a wonderful and idealistic person with a great talent fully deserving of such a wonderful tribute. If only she could have been there to appreciate it.

15) We are truly in a perilous time when wars (which we wish would not occur again and had hoped a U N would help us avoid) are now fought by zealots who do not value life as most civilized societies do. They are fought more like street fights with common thugs (with weaponry) in the name of some misguided 10th Century (for want of a better time frame) value in a 21st Century environment. They bring us back to the stone ages---and the sad part is that our weaponry—when push comes to shove---can blow us back to an even earlier Paleolithic time.

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