Thursday, September 3, 2009

THURSDAY---Another Edition of--

with a tip of the hat to JIMMY CANNON


1) How interesting it is to see the book Wrestling With Moses be published to put Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses into perspective.

2) Senator Kennedy's final ceremonies were both funny, sad, and touching---a true Irish function to be lived by the vast multitudes via TV.

3) How honest Sen. Kennedy's final memoir seems to be.

4) Does anyone remember when the NY Post (where Jimmy Cannon had his column) was a respected newspaper on a par with The New York Times and other serious journals?

5) Dick Cheney, with every criticism, digs himself deeper into the hole of sounding like Hitler's
PR guy---Goebels.

6) What a delight to have Smithsonian Folkways keep alive the wonderful musical contributions from all different cultures in issuing such wonderful recordings---the latest celebrates The New
Lost City Ramblers

7) Harry Chapin was right---"...what would happen in this world..." and in his case Long Island and the world remember and celebrate his talent and humanity.

8) Newspapers are having a hard time so, if some such as the NY Post or the Daily News f
ail, whatever will we have to wrap fish in or use for drop cloths while painting the bathroom

9) If NPR keeps delivering in depth newscasts and features why should anyone really care that some TV personalities are retiring and being replaced by other TV personalities. Sometimes you don't need a visual but you do need insight.

10) Do the millions that the U S Open rakes in really matter in the overall economy? After all the winners get millions, the sponsors have raked in millions, and the public has paid $12.00 for a sandwich---and that is a bargain. Not to mention ticket prices, service charges, and parking for your Lexus in a special lot.

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